Established in 2014 as a “sugar-free, full-fat” blog, The Unrefined was created out of a desire to inform, nourish and empower people to put their health first. The company has since expanded to become a granola and lifestyle company with plans for further expansion in the fields of fashion and beauty. Read about our founder, Nicola Inger, below!

Our Philosophy

We believe that granola shouldn’t have boundaries. That’s why our product, NutiiBoost, can be used to make a range of different snacks or added to meals to meet daily nutritional requirements. Here at The Unrefined, our goal is to help CELEBRATE and encourage the consumption of healthy fats and plant based protein. When we eat a diet high in these macronutrients and avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar, we eat less and tend to have consistent energy.

Our Products

We’re nuts about nuts. Our “Unrefined” granola is a delicious and nutritious daily addition to meals as well as the perfect on-the-go snack. A healthy protein-rich alternative to sugar-laden snacks, The Unrefined granola was developed by founder, Nicola Inger, who found it difficult to find a pre and post workout snack that provided a consistent boost of energy without the dreaded lows associated with refined carbohydrates and sugars.


My interest in food started from a young age, and for the wrong reasons. From the age of 13 I suffered with various eating disorders (read more about my story on The Unrefined AU Youtube Channel). I had moved around a bit as a child and would often turn to restricting food as a way to make myself feel as if I had better control over my life. It became a habit, which eventually got out of hand.

By the time I presented to a Doctor for help, I had suffered with the illness for six years and had low potassium levels, a heart arrhythmia and was very underweight. I also had severe depression, suicidal thoughts and had engaged in self-harm. Although the hospitals assisted to a degree and cognitive therapy helped me get a slight grip on the illness, I realised the only person that could really help me.. was me.

I enrolled myself in a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition). I had to re-enrol in Uni as I’d taken a break while I was recovering. I’d already changed degrees four times. However, I went ahead and enrolled because I had a feeling that learning about my body and what I was doing to it would somehow help me to realise the quality of life and to appreciate food.

Two years into the degree, I managed to study enough science and nutrition to understand the damage I was doing to my body. I was able to change my attitude and look at food in a different light – not as the enemy, but as a type of fuel that would nourish my mind and body and help me to achieve the things I wanted to do.

I realised that a lot of my depression and mental illness was because of the lack of fat in my diet and because I was malnourished. I started eating more whole foods, ate plenty of healthy fats and protein and slowly introduced all sorts of food back into my life. The outcome, a healthy mindset and positive body image!

Recovering and being able to live a normal life has given me a new lease on life and an energy which doesn’t ever seem to die. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations. After study I realized my passion for educating and helping people learn the importance of a healthy mind and body. I also realized my passion for owning my own business! Enter, The Unrefined. 

The Unrefined is a place promoting good nutrition, and above all else, a healthy mind and lifestyle. I want people to become more in tune with their mind and body as a whole and realise the connection between their gut and their mind (trust me, they are connected!). The Unrefined also aims to break the fear of fat which seems to be so heavily instilled in society…something I intend to accomplish by selling more granola. My blog isn’t based around a certain diet; it doesn’t promote food restriction or deprivation, it merely promotes a way of eating which satisfies and nourishes the body and aims to curb cravings resulting from excess processed and refined foods. My granola is used in most recipes, from salads, soups, slices and sweet treats, to paleo bread, nutty burgers and granola bars.

This year The Unrefined will expand to offer fashion, lifestyle and skin care.

If you’ve reached the end of this page –CONGRATULATIONS! That was a lot to swallow… now go read something light-hearted on the blog or cook one of my recipes! 😉