Caring for Hair and Finding “The One”

This blog post is about HAIR…something I hold very very very close to my heart, and head. Yes, I’m one of those girls that dreads getting their hair cut….it took me so long to grow it that I am super protective of my length. I’m also VERY protective of my colour (because I’m very fussy) and I’ve never had an amazing hairdressing experience (truth).

So basically, I’m a hairdresser’s nightmare.

I’ve always been jealous of girls that have their “regular hairdresser”. “The One” that they’ve been going to since high school, that knows all about their love life and that mole behind their ear… and the one that just never gets it wrong.

WELL LADIES! (and gentleman) I’ve found my regular hairdresser or “The One” and boy am I going to be forever loyal.

The hairdresser I’m talking about is Michelle from Bristle and Bones. Michelle contacted me via The Unrefined and asked whether I would like to do a hair collab. You can imagine my hesitation. Last time I did a “hair collab”, I walked out of the salon looking like Khaleesi from the Game of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Khaleesi and I loved having her hair for a week… until it started snapping off and clogging my drain.

I decided it was about time I found my “regular hairdresser”. I attended my first appointment with Michelle (with a large number of hair pins on Pinterest). I made sure she was aware of my fussiness and the fact that I like the “Californian Look” (sun kissed hair around my face and on my baby hairs… because I’m growing out my baby hair). She assured me that she could definitely complete my look and that the look I was going for was in fact trending in America, however, a lot of hairdressers don’t like doing it which is why she believes I may not always get what I want. Very true. Most hairdressers look at me as if I’m smoking something if I ask them to bleach my baby hairs.

What I value in a hairdresser? Someone who LISTENS and who delivers what they say they are going to deliver. I also value someone who provides advice on maintenance. Upon arriving at Bristle and Bones, my hair wasn’t in the greatest condition. Recovering from the Khaleesi do’ PLUS extreme heat treatment… I was definitely a big project. Michelle well and truly delivered on all of the above. She now knows EXACTLY how I like my hair and she provided some invaluable advice on caring for my hair and repairing it moving forward. See below for some of the products I now use, thanks to Michelle’s advice.


At the moment I am absolutely loving the Davines range (PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT SPONSORED… I adore these products wholeheartedly). This is the first range of hair care that I’ve tried, free from Parabans and Sulfates, that actually works! It also smells AMAZING. I use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment from this brand and cannot live without it. A little bit of product goes a LONG way – the treatments usually last me 6-7 months!


In addition to Davines range, I also use OLAPLEX. OLAPLEX, in particular, produces amazing results when used consistently. This is a treatment recommended by Michelle. The treatment is said to reconnect broken bonds in the hair and subsequently double the bonds so that there is limited damage during or after hair colouring. Michelle uses Olaplex number 1 and number 2 in the salon and I purchased Olaplex number 3 for home care (BUY IT HERE) . You simply dampen your hair, apply Olaplex, comb it through your hair and leave it in for 10 minutes. You then FOLLOW with shampoo and conditioner. Apparently Kim Kardashian leaves Olaplex on her hair overnight… I don’t think this is recommended but it seems to work for her! PS. I inspired myself while writing this… currently have Olaplex on my ends as I type this!


It’s sad but I never actually knew my brush was doing my hair damage…. Until Michelle advised me to purchase a tangle teezer and Small Boar Bristle Brush for styling. After using both of these products for 3-4 weeks, I have definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my hair (and the amount that is falling out). My hair is less of a mullet!


So.. I have a track record for looking like a beach bum or having bed hair. Although some people love this look, I tend to feel undone and quite scruffy….unrefined by name unrefined by nature. That said, I definitely don’t have time to blow dry my hair EVERY morning AND I don’t like using heat on my hair every day.

My hair is naturally wavy. I’m fortunate to have hair that also dries quite nicely on its own, without heat. Only issue? My fringe/front section of my hair is usually quite flat/frizzy/cowlicky and can make the rest of my hair look like a dog’s breakfast. Michelle’s solution? Use a Small Round Boar Bristle Brush to boost volume and straighten your bangs (mine are quite long). After a short tutorial with Michelle, I now know how to look like I’ve had a fresh blow wave in under 5 minutes JUST by using the brush in all the right places (no joke). I generally just blow dry the front and back section of my head and leave the rest to dry naturally, works a treat! I found a YouTube video of the technique so thought I’d include it below! (skip to around the 2 minute mark where she blow drys her crown and “bangs”. This is what I do every other day and lightly blow dry the rest of my hair. Looks amazing!).


And last but not least… hair growth supplements. This is the only one I’ve ever tried (aside from Silica which I’ve always taken) and seems to have the best results (and reviews). It is called Fusion Hair Tonic and it is by one of my favourite, trusted Chinese medicine brands, Fusion. The have the best skin, liver and detox supplements and I literally won’t use any other brand.

I took Hair Tonic religiously when I cut off all of my hair during some post break-up transformation… I thought short hair would look great on me and give me a boost of confidence… I very quickly regretted my decision. Hair Tonic was my saviour during this period! WARNING: this hair makes ALL hair grow (yes…. ALL hair).


To conclude, I couldn’t thank Bristle and Bones enough for their excellent service. If you are looking for your own “Regular Hairdresser”, I would most definitely book an appointment and see how you go. If you choose to book in for the month of March, please mention THE UNREFINED when booking and receive $50 off a cut AND colour (when booked together)!

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