The Real Reason I Go to the Gym

For those of you that don’t know, I was recently approached by Goodlife Health Clubs to become an ambassador of the brand. In the beginning, I hesitated.

 I told myself at the start of 2017 that I would only sign up to a gym if it WASN’T work or “blog related”. I know what you’re thinking…. How ungrateful! Well the main reason I decided this is because the gym is my sacred place. It’s a space where I MUST feel comfortable to work out and train. I work from home and am alone most of the day, so the gym is my socialisation for the day. If it feels like work or that I HAVE to go, it isn’t relaxing and it isn’t good for my mind. I want to be a member of a gym where I don’t have to care what I look like or put on a front about how I’m feeling. Essentially, it has to be a place where I can be myself, without judgement, and feel comfortable if I want to step OUT of my comfort zone (e.g. trying new classes or that new weights routine).

 Goodlife Health Clubs was the first gym membership I ever purchased (back in 2009), so I told myself I would at least give it another go before making my final decision (as I loved attending the Fortitude Valley club back in the day).

 Prior to trialling the 7 day Goodlife pass, I was contacted by one of Goodlife’s renowned personal trainers, Raffy Stryker (@raffystryker). Raf invited me to come for a complimentary session to discuss goals, diet, routines and strategy. I was very happy with this opportunity, because I was slightly intimidated about going back into the gym for the first time after so many years.

 When I arrived, Raf got straight down to business. He didn’t rush through my goals like a lot of personal trainers I’ve experienced; but simply asked me about ME. He also asked me to describe something I really wasn’t expecting – my mindfulness strategy. If you’d asked me this same question a year ago I would have said “I don’t have time for mindfulness… mindfulness is what happens in my sleep”. However, the week I first met Raf just happened to be the week I had started consistently practicing yoga and meditation, so I figured, Raf was on my page.

 In fact, I was blown away by how aligned we were with our health, mind and fitness values. Raf asked questions like, “How often do you lower your heart rate?”, and explained that I may need to cut down on my cardio and replace one or two sessions with some strength training, flexibility or meditation to ensure I am allowing time for myself and for my brain and body to slow down.

 After this brief interaction with Raf, I knew I was going to love my time at the gym. By speaking to me and listening, Raf immediately sensed that I was an energetic person with a lot of things on my plate. He said he wanted the gym to be a sanctuary for me and a place where I can make progress and achieve goals, but also a place where I can mentally switch off and slow down.

 And that is exactly what Goodlife has become… My Sanctuary. I may not have as many friends as I used to at other gyms I have attended, but you know what? I LOVE THIS PART ABOUT IT! I love the fact that I meet new people, that I get a confidence boost trying a new class and that there are so many classes throughout the day.

 Most of all, I love that I now look forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone. The classes fit perfectly into my schedule (because there are so many) and provide the most satisfying break from work and reality. Classes run throughout the whole day so if I’m having a bad morning I literally rush to the Goodlife (5 minutes down the road from me) and depending on how I’m feeling, attend a HIIT, Body Attack or Flexibility class to release the built up tension in my body.

 I do have some goals that I have set however they’re not centred on weight loss. My goals are to gain strength; I’m trying to increase the number of chin ups and push ups I can do in three months’ time.

 My other goal is to ensure my nutrient and kilojoule intake is a reflection of how much I’m working out. As someone who is a MASSIVE stress head; I do tend to feel like I’m running on adrenalin and burning a lot of fuel. Since owning my own business I have lost a bit of weight (purely from stress and running around), so I am very conscious of the fact that I may need to eat more than the average person if I’m working out and expending more energy.

 I’m feeling really optimistic about achieving my goals using a combination of classes and personal training at Goodlife, while practicing mindfulness and focusing on me! It’s really important to find a gym that understands you and your needs, and Goodlife Health Clubs is exactly that. If you’re thinking of joining a new gym I couldn’t recommend Goodlife enough!

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