The Unrefined x Indooroopilly Shopping Centre SUMMER STYLE

I am so honoured to be a guest on the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Fashion & Lifestyle Blog for three reasons:

  1. It offers me a very welcomed break from all things nut related! For those that don’t know, my bread and butter predominately comes from granola #theunrefinedgranola.
  2. It brings me back to my fashion blogger roots. That’s right people, my first ever blog was centred around fashion NOT health or nutrition. It was called Niskaari and I’m pretty certain it still exists somewhere in cyberspace.

  3. It gave me a chance/excuse to remove my activewear and really appreciate fashion and its ever-changing nature. It also made me realise that I most definitely AM Unrefined by name and Unrefined by nature. My style is simple, efficient and always comfortable (you won’t see me wearing a pair of shoes that I can’t run in).

Cutting straight to the point, this post will be all about my 2016 Summer Style. I’ll be focussing on current trends and what is currently available in my favourite stores at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

LOOK 1: The Off-shoulder Denim Look

This look is everywhere and I can’t get enough! I really don’t want this trend to end because I live in outfits identical to this. To give you guys the best of both worlds I created a high-end day-to-night look and a laid-back casual look (on a budget).

Daytime Look by Glue Store 


Wearing: All Americas Top (GLUE STORE), Lee Skater Skirt (GLUE STORE), Lack of Colour Spencer Fedora (GLUE STORE), Converse (GLUE STORE).

NIGHT TIME LOOK by Sass & Bide x Tony Bianco

Wearing: Pool Party Top (SASS & BIDE), Spot Change Skirt (SASS & BIDE), Malo Shoe (Tony Bianco).

LOOK 2: The Midas Touch by Manning Cartell x Tony Bianco 

Wearing: Girls on Fire Cami (MANNING CARTELL), Girls on Fire Short (MANNING CARTELL), Malo Shoe (TONY BIANCO)

Amazing, am I right? Manning Cartell has absolutely nailed it this season and for the girl who wants to stand out …. This game-changing label has you covered. Reminiscent of the 1980s, the current collection features everything from bold gold satins to shoe string straps and raw edges. So completely far from what I’d usually choose but I promised myself I wouldn’t wear black just this once…unless it was down south (we meet again Tony Bianco boots).

TIP: If you’re into bold statements like me but want to mix it up – team a pop of colour or feminine outfit with some black boots. It creates the perfect blend of Bold x Beautiful.

LOOK 3: Casually Bossing It via Sambag x Witchery 

Lately I’ve been waking up and choosing outfits that empower me. It’s amazing what a bossing outfit can do to your productivity. Pair a short suit with casual heels or dressy flats and you’ll feel like a girl on a mission. These are two of my favourite looks from this shoot.

Wearing: Marlo Tailored Gingham Jacket (SAMBAG), Marco Gingham Tailored Short (SAMBAG), Sia suede shoes (SAMBAG).

TIP OF THE DAY: Wear a swimsuit under your silk short suit and BOOM, office to island luxe. Let’s be real, I work while I’m on holiday anyway.

Wearing: Split Front short (WITCHERY), Turi Halter (WITCHERY), Soft Pajama Blazer (WITCHERY), Klaxin Shoe (TONY BIANCO)

LOOK 4: Ladies who lunch via Witchery x Tony Bianco

When I meet with the girls I try to up my feminine side. Pairing a soft silk blouse with some tailored shorts and tan heels is the ultimate outfit for a hormonal lunch. Love this look.

Wearing: Split Front Short (WITCHERY), Pleat Detail Top (WITCHERY), Klaxin Shoe (TONY BIANCO)

LOOK 5: Game of thrones x Unrefined via MORRISON

Morrison. Now this is a label I am guilty of overlooking. Upon entering the store I was absolutely speechless. Every single fabric is heaven. This particular dress is made from Triacetate, a soft man-made silk-like fabric. And the reason I love it most? No ironing required! It’s SUPPOSED to have that “hey I just fell out of your suitcase and am crushed” look…. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can also wear this dress several ways by fiddling with the drawstrings located at the waist and shoulders. I call this a classic “Unrefined” look.

Wearing: Violet Dress (MORRISON)

LOOK 6: Heading to the Hamptons via SEED 

I love this look! Wearing this made me feel like I was just about to step on a yacht. Bringing myself back to reality, I won’t be going to the Hamptons and I don’t know anyone that owns a yacht so this outfit will most likely be saved for Christmas day…Every woman needs a pair of linen shorts and a casual stripe tee in their wardrobe. Seed has it all! This store just makes me want to go on a holiday.


Wearing: Textured Stripe Tee (SEED), Rope Tie Short (SEED) and Contrast Panama Fedora (SEED), Klaxin Shoe (Tony Bianco)