I am a Mum with a passion for pregnancy, postpartum and infant nutrition. After giving birth to my first child and experiencing extreme fatigue and depletion, I made it my mission to raise awareness of the crucial role of nutrition throughout motherhood and beyond. I completed further study in this area and hold a Masters Certification in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Infant nutrition. I have created a Postpartum eBook and developed various recipes for mothers, infants and anyone needing inspiration or support during this phase. I hope this platform provides education, comfort and nourishment throughout whatever phase of the journey you are on.

RECIPES for Mum & Bub

Looking for some delicious HEALTHY recipes for both mum and bub - look no further.


Recipes to replete from birth & beyond


Nourishing New Life by Nicola Scruby - Unrefinedbynicola


Nourishing New Life by Nicola Scruby


Nourishing new life is a 60 page eBook and resource which has been thoughtfully developed for Mother’s in the pregnancy and postpartum period. Many women are surprised to learn that their nutrient requirements postpartum (particularly if breastfeeding) are considerably higher than at any stage of pregnancy. 

The inspiration for this eBook came after experiencing postpartum depletion with my first child, and then working in a Mother's clinic as a nutritionist. So many women would turn up to appointments with extreme exhaustion, anxiety, brain fog and a poor awareness of what their body needed throughout the postpartum period. After offering nutritional support, referring them for appropriate blood tests and fulfilling their needs with either food or supplement recommendations, I would often see these women bloom into the true version of themselves.

Like me, it wasn’t until these women stepped out of their postpartum “fog” (as I like to call it), that they came to realise just how much of a role nutrition plays in their mental and physical well-being.

What’s inside?

  • 25 delicious recipes including main meals, lactogenic breastfeeding snacks and smoothies
  • Meal prep tips during pregnancy (to save you time and energy) 
  • Nutrient requirements postpartum and while breastfeeding (information on nutrient deficiency and associated symptoms, lactogenic foods and other potential influences on milk supply)
  • Symptoms checklists 
  • What nutrients influence production and quality of breastmilk 
  • Postpartum blood tests to discuss with your health professional


  • Hospital bag checklist
  • Postpartum self-care checklist 
  • My favourite whole food supplements to take postpartum 
  • Discounts to some of my favourite brands! 



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"Nourish your body...

...So your mind has the best place to live"

- Nicola 


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