Veggie loaded sausage rolls for the "beige" toddler

This week I thought I’d attempt my veggie loaded sausage roll (without the sausage). This was a hit when Leo was 2 (and going through a picky phase). He is now 3.5 (and still eats cardboard) but apparently these are still a hit!

I chopped up as many vegetables as I could fit in the food processor, added lentils and bone broth powder INSTEAD of stock. The reason I avoid stock is because it is usually very high in sodium (plus other additives which isn't great for little tummies). To give you some context, the average store bought stock powder contains 300mg of sodium per 100ml. Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 1-3 year olds consume no more than 200-400mg of sodium per day. 

My go-to substitute for any stock is @nutraorganics bone broth powder. It is made with REAL chicken bones and contains only 66mg of sodium per 100ml. It also contains zinc and B vitamins & tastes amazing in recipes (use my code NICOLA20 for 20% off the @nutraorganics bone broth range for 48 hours). I served these to my toddler and his friends and it was an absolute HIT! Find the recipe below!

1 carrot roughly chopped
1 zucchini roughly chopped
3/4 medium brown onion roughly chopped
2 cloves of garlic
1 can brown lentils thoroughly rinsed & drained
1 tbsp @nutraorganics bone broth powder 
1 tbsp mixed spices of choice 
1/2 cup quinoa flakes or oats or extra breadcrumbs
1/4 cup tapioca flour
3/4 cup bread crumbs or Panko crumbs
2 eggs
2 tbsp Passata
1 tbsp pure maple syrup (optional but sweetens the deal ;)

Blend all ingredients in a food processor thoroughly until mixture resembles meat (literally).

If your mixture appears watery, add more bread crumbs, oats or tapioca flour*

Remember, the egg will help bind the mixture when cooking so don’t worry too much, as long as it’s not dripping!

Cut pastry sheets down the centre and fill with mixture. Roll pastry over veggies mixture, using a milk or egg wash to stick pastry together. Line a baking tray, put veggie rolls on the tray, sprinkle with sesame and cook in the oven until the pastry is light brown and crispy!

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