5 Wardrobe Staples You Need Now

If you follow me on Instagram (or watch my instastories) you would know that I enjoy outfit repeating. I believe fashion should be a long-term investment and I therefore prefer to purchase QUALITY garments and shoes, and style or re-work them with more affordable basics. It’s sustainable, affordable and it’s worked my whole life (I have leather skirts, denim jeans and vintage blazers that never collect dust in my wardrobe because they are in a constant state of rotation).

When it comes to shoes, I also have favourites – a black pair of loafers, one black pair of heels, one nude pair of heels, a pair of boots and my favourite sneakers (I challenge you to go pick them out in my Instagram feed… you’ll find them in less than 2 minutes). I have had some of these shoes for years! I just get them re-soled when they’re looking a bit grungy.

When I purchase a pair of shoes they have to meet the following requirements:

A) They must hide my bunions and make them feel supported (yes, I have bunions from doing ballet)

B) They must be able to withstand a power walk or light jog (If I’m late or running for an Uber)

C) They must be made out of quality leather and have a good sole

D) They must have a decent heel that won’t get stuck in a pot hole

E) They must provide security (we’re talking straps across the ankle and toes)

The above sounds like a lot but I have been following this protocol for years and I have an amazing list of staple shoes that never let me down. I also have an amazing list of staple CLOTHES that never let me down.

To provide some value from this blog post; I thought I’d let you in on my top 5 fashion staples (including two of my favourite shoes) to achieve a timeless wardrobe. If I could only wear these pieces for the rest of my life, I’d be a very happy woman (let’s be real, they’re on rotation as we speak).

Staple 1: The Black Work Heel

This is “THE” black heel. The pair that isn’t removed because of blisters. My go-to work shoes are by Diana Ferrari. You can always trust this brand to provide soft, comfortable, long-lasting heels which still make you look cool.

Check out this style and the new Spring/Summer Collection HERE and use my code “UNREFINED20” at checkout to receive 20% off.

Staple 2: The Denim Skirt 

This is more of a recent purchase (2 weeks ago from H&M) but I’ve already worn it 7 times. I’ve dressed it up and worn it with heels for a casual brunch, and have also worn it to the beach with a white linen shirt. Every woman needs a denim skirt but I find wearing a denim skirt with heels needs to be enacted carefully… I like to make the look edgy by incorporating double denim

Staple 3: The Denim Shirt

I purchased this from Sportsgirl 5 years ago. See what I mean? It’s a long-term investment. I’ve dressed it up, dressed it down. It’s been with me through three relationships … and two break-ups. I would actually feel sick if I lost this shirt. P.s. It was only $50 (back in the day) and is like fine wine – it gets better with age (the colour continues to distress). You can purchase a denim shirt from pretty much any good or affordable fashion store (make sure you go for lighter colours because it will look better with a denim skirt).

Staple 4: The Black Shirt

Also from Sportsgirl years ago (bought it on the same day as the denim shirt). This particular shirt just never went out of fashion. It was on sale for $30 at the time of purchase (I will always remember a quality bargain). What to look out for? The drape factor! When buying a shirt, make sure you can tuck it in at the front or tie it without it looking bulky. I also usually opt for an asymmetric hem so I can tuck at the front and leave the shirt untucked at the back.

Staple 5: The Statement Skirt

My rule: any piece of clothing with a statement print that has come back in fashion more than once throughout the duration of your life, STAYS. I have a blazer from seven years ago in this same print as this skirt (picture below) and I’ve only just started wearing it again because it is completely back in fashion. This is why I disagree with my mother’s theory of COMPLETELY spring cleaning your wardrobe. You never know when a style is going to come back in fashion. When in doubt, put it away for a rainy day. Never throw out anything with a herringbone print! Printed skirts are amazing worn with casual/affordable basics.